You may have to spend a lot of money buying a knife sharpening tool that’s sufficiently sharp to swiftly do its job. Utilizing a sufficiently sharp knife equips you to finish doing your kitchen chores faster, in comparison to a situation and vice versa. Money spent is well worth it when you see an edge pro sharpening system tool become the source in maximizing your time between the kitchen and doing other things. Below are the features of this knife sharpening tool you’ll find useful: 

1. It Has a Vacuum Base 

This sharpening tool has a vacuum base that easily fits into a flat surface for easy attachment. So, you won’t have to feel your hands getting tired from operating an edge pro sharpening system tool. Your hands will likely feel relaxed as you utilize this tool to sharpen your knife, thanks to the availability of this comforting feature. What’s more, the vacuum base of this tool is the source that can give you a relaxed posture while sharpening your knife. 

2. It Has a Patented Ramp System 

This system is utilized to maintain the stones in a flatter condition for a longer time. An edge pro sharpening system tool’s body is utilized in its entirety in sharpening your knife. The tool’s height is modified according to your comfort need. 

3. It Has a Spring-Loaded Stone Holder 

You have to adjust to any change in the functionality of the edge pro’s utilization. This knife sharpener’s spring-loaded stone holder is a feature of edge pro that provides support when such changes materialize. 

4. Its Grits are Expanded 

The edge pro’s grits are expanded to 6000 grit polish tape and three polish tape mounting blanks, in addition to the scissors attachments of the edge pro sharpeners 

5. It Has a Fixed Angle 

It has been a usual problem that many knife sharpeners have a problem maintaining a fixed angle when utilized. Not being able to maintain a constant angle is not an issue when you use the edge sharpening tool in sharpening freehand on stones. The edge always guarantees the generation of a smooth action in which there’s an assurance of the production of a regular precise angle. 

6. It Has a Varying Range of Angles 

The edge tool is capable of being adjusted an unlimited number of times. This tool can be adjusted ranging from 6 degrees to 33 degrees. What’s more, this sharpening tool produces indicator mark signs for the majority of the most usual angles available. 

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